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The Central Minnesota Task Force on Battered Women, doing business as Anna Marie's Alliance, is a private non-profit corporation dedicated to providing safe shelter, support, and referral services for battered women and their children. The Alliance also works with the community on systems change and violence prevention.

Anna Marie's has sheltered over 14,300 battered women and their children since 1979—more than 8,220 of these were children.

We hold the dream of non-violence for women & children

until they can hold it for themselves.

Adopt-a-Family for the Holidays

An opportunity to show you care

Adopt-A-Family For the Holidays Program starts 10/14/16

When a family leaves their home because of domestic abuse they  generally face economic hardship for the first several years. With your help we can make a difference this holiday season. We invite you and your family, organization or business to adopt a family or single woman from  Anna Marie’s.

You may choose the size family you wish to adopt:

          Mom and 3 children

          1 single woman

The coordinator will mail or fax information on the family’s needs including gender, age, sizes, etc. to assist you with your purchases. They will also have listed items they would like for Christmas with a value not to exceed $85 per person. We will also have a Wish List with items needed to fill family needs for the women and children that come into the shelter right before Christmas and do not get adopted. That way we have extra gifts available that we can put together for these families or single women.

If we do not have the size family you would like then we can put you on a waiting list for when a certain size family does come in.  Please let Elaine know and she will take your info and contact you when your size family arrives. We strive to have everyone adopted so they have a wonderful Christmas at the shelter. Drop off for gifts is anytime before December 21st (unless arranged with Elaine for times after this date).

If you would like to join in the joy of gift-giving by adopting a family or single woman or purchasing gifts off the Wish List, please call the program coordinator, Elaine at 320.253.6900 or email elained@annamaries.org as soon as possible! 

UPDATE: Info will start 10/25/16 with number of families/single that need adopting at the shelter.

A Word about In-Kind Donations

Anna Marie’s Alliance

Why we cannot accept all in-kind donations…

We are so grateful for all the in-kind donations we receive from our community.  You have been and continue to be a source of support for Anna Marie’s Alliance.  Let’s be honest, some days are difficult for us, your shining faces at our door really helps!

Sometimes we have to say no to your donations, trust us, it hurts to say no to any item.  But here is why sometimes we must:

  1. Sometimes we do not have room for all your items.  We move as much as we can out of storage and into the hands of our residents.  If we really get swamped we share items with other charities in our community.  But our space is limited and sometimes we are simply full.  Call us before you drop off a car load of stuff, we don’t mind!  If we are full, we can tell you where to take your donation.  Call Kim S. at 320-253-6900 or email KimS@annamaries.org.
  2. There are some things we cannot take.  Safety is our number one priority.  Things that have been used cannot be given to residents because it is not safe.  Used car seats, cribs, breast pumps or bike helmets are things that cannot be reused.  If you give them to us, we have to throw them away and we hate to throw anything away!
  3. Everyone likes new or gently used things.  We have the greatest respect for the women and children in the shelter and we do not want to give our residents damaged or torn clothing (or used underwear—yes, this has been donated) or used cosmetics.  If you have any questions, call Kim S. at 320-253-6900.  She will help you.

The list of things we need and take is much longer than the list of things we cannot take for our residents. 

You can find out what we need on our web site: www.annamaries.org.  There is a NEEDED ITEMS page on the web site and there is a section on the front page of URGENTLY NEEDED items.  If we are in desperate need of something, we will ask for it on Facebook.  Friend us!  https://www.facebook.com/Anna-Maries-Alliance-177358837579/?ref=ts 

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for every item you have donated.  There is nothing like a donor who stands at our door excited to share things that will make our residents lives easier. 

No doubt about it, our community is the best. J

Events for Anna Marie's Alliance

anna maries heart 1Anna Marie's Alliance is fortunate to have the support of our community.

If you would like to hold a fundraising event for Anna Marie's Alliance or any of our programs, contact Sandy Nadeau at sandyn@annamaries.org.

Upcoming Events

October 22, 2016

Craft Expo at Bubba's in Sauk Rapids

October  27, 28, 29 and 31

Theatrical haunted house at 711 5th Ave S, St. Cloud starting at 8:00 pm

Free but bring a donation for Anna Marie's Alliance

November 5, 2016

Craft Sale at the St. Cloud VFW

Many thanks!


Dating Violence Awareness

What is it?

dateingabuseDating violence can be described as a pattern of behaviors in a relationship used to gain power and control over their current or former dating partner. Statistically women are more likely to be abused by their male partners, but people of all genders and orientations can be victims of abuse. Abusive relationships happen at the same rate in same sex relationships as in straight relationships. There is no “typical” victim or “typical” abuser.

Read more: Dating Violence Awareness

Urgently Needed Items & Volunteer Needs


An additional way to donate to Anna Marie's Alliance:

We are part of a national beta test for domestic violence shelters. If you click on the link below, you can go to this site and purchase items from Amazon that will be shipped directly to Anna Marie's Alliance.  Very simple,  very easy, and very fun!  Check out the site and let us know what you think:



Please contact Kim S (KimS@annamaries.org) for more information. 

If you can help, please call 320-253-6900.


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Anna Marie's Alliance

P.O. Box 367
Saint Cloud, MN 56302


TTY: 320.258.3321

Business Office: 320.251.7203

If you're in an emergency situation, call 911.

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