At Least 21 Killed Due To Domestic Violence In 2016

St. Paul, MN – On Tuesday, January 31, the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women (MCBW) released the 2016 edition of the Femicide Report. The Femicide Report includes an overview of the 21 known homicides due to domestic violence in 2016, as well as observations and recommendations for community responses to end domestic violence.

“Over the course of 28 years, the Femicide Report has captured nearly 1,000 lives cut short due to domestic violence,” said Becky Smith, Program Manager in Public Awareness for the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women. “We want every Minnesotan to recognize that domestic violence happens here: in every city, township, and county of Minnesota.”

At the release of the 2016 Femicide Report, it was reported there were at least 21 homicides related to domestic violence in Minnesota: at least 18 women were murdered by a current or former intimate partner; at least 2 family members and 1 bystander were murdered.

The report focuses on significant issues related to the homicides including: officer involved domestic violence cases; the criminalization of domestic violence victims; the impact of violence on children; and the need for community-wide prevention strategies.

“The release of this report provides an opportunity to transform our relationships and communities so that together, we can live violence free,” said Smith.

A press briefing was held to mark the release of the 2016 Femicide Report and included perspectives from Erica Staab-Absher, executive director of HOPE Center in Faribault, and Maplewood Police Chief Paul Schnell. Staab-Absher described the impact of Barbara Larson’s workplace homicide on her community and offered grassroots solutions to end domestic violence. Schnell emphasized the pivotal role of law enforcement response to domestic violence victims.

Since 1989, the Femicide Report has provided annual documentation on intimate partner homicides across the state of Minnesota. The Femicide Report is the only document of its kind in Minnesota. A copy of the report can be found at

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