THANK YOU to all of our volunteers!  We appreciate everything you do for us at Anna Marie's Alliance.

The volunteers seem to enjoy their time with us as well.  But don't take our word for is what some of the volunteers have to say about Anna Marie's Alliance.

From Ana H. 

I have absolutely loved my time volunteering in the day care this past year and half. I have had such a blast and the staff at Anna Marie’s is phenomenal to work with.  This is such a great organization and I feel blessed to have had this opportunity. 

From Lori F.

Cooking on the weekends is so rewarding. One time my friends and I grilled hamburgers and hotdogs. There were several women and children that were scheduled to eat out, but when they found out we were grilling, they canceled their plans and chose to stay in because they hadn’t had a grilled meal in so long. It made them think of summer and picnics and FUN. One other time we cooked BBQ ribs, mashed potatoes and all the fixings. The women were amazed at the generosity and all of the children ate the ribs, in-cluding the babies in the high chairs that were on solid food. Again, a meal some of us take for granted was seen as a feast to the women and children. They talked about it for weeks!

From Chris B.

I am proud and humbled to have the opportunity to serve such an extraordinary group. The courage and fortitude of the residents at Anna Marie's are commendable. I am always rejuvenated and hopeful upon leaving Anna Marie's on a Saturday after a lunch or dinner service. Each and everyone one of them and their sweet children stay with me an fuel my week. Mahatma Gandhi says, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

From Will G.

I have had such a great experience thus far, and so much of that is accredited to the work that you do!

From Rick N.

April 25th will be my fourth year as a volunteer at Anna Maries, I am a child mentor in daycare on Wednesdays and a volunteer handyman. Starting out, I thought helping out in daycare a few hours a week would be a nice, small way to give back to my community, I never envisioned how much I would be receiving in return. When I saw their need for a volunteer handyman a couple of years ago, I thought "okay, I can help a little with that too", never dreaming what it has morphed into. At any one moment my role could be as a surrogate grandparent, [comforter of boo-boos], father, brother, or just professional friend to a resident, besides being an errand runner, lawn care worker, security man, building maintenance man, [occasional jokester], whatever
comes up, but ALWAYS a role model, this is my most important role here. The staff is very open to any idea I might have to this a better place or run more smoothly. Anna Maries has become like a second family to me, the staff [and residents] treat me like a family and we all care for one another deeply. When I greet a resident[s] I truly care how they are doing, it is important for them to know that yes, they did make the right decision to come here, and that EVERYONE cares, including the volunteers. I know they appreciate me and what I and all of the volunteers do. My growth as a person since starting here has been amazing, this an aspect of volunteer work I never considered. Anyone considering volunteering here [or possibly increasing their hours volunteering] I urge them to, you will not regret it. Volunteering at Anna Marie's Alliance has been the most rewarding thing, [other than my own family] that I have ever experienced. A huge thank you to everyone at Anna Maries for continuing to make me feel welcome and appreciated.

JOIN US!  We would like to have you volunteer.  For more information call Kim Salitros at 320-251-7203 x 210!

And a big THANK YOU to our wonderful volunteers!


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