During the Month of October, we pause to remember why we do this work. 

We remember the victims and survivors of domestic violence, those who struggle with the economics of leaving, children who witness or experience violence, those who are not safe, and those who have created new lives for themselves.  

We pause to thank the Advocates of Anna Marie's Shelter for their compassion, dedication, and wisdon is assisting anyone and everyone who comes to them for help.

We pause to thank the staff of Anna Marie's Alliance for supporting this work in every way including with humor, grace, and dignity.

We pause to thank the leadership and the board of directors for their passion for this mission.

And we pause to thank our community for supporting this work and for working with us to make our community a place where everyone is safe.

Take a moment, pause....and join us in remembering all of these things this month. 

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

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